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    Release date March 30th 2015.

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    Release date of Discipline March 30th 2015.

    Does not include Bandcamp download although mentioned below.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Discipline via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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    Release date of Discipline March 30th 2015.

    Does not include Bandcamp download although mentioned below.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Discipline via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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This bandcamp page orders directly from the band (Ships from Finland), you can also order from the label through maaprod.org (Ships from Japan).

10 tracks, 60 minutes.

Three years in the making and now, DISCIPLINE by WRATHAGE is finally coming out. A unique blend of Emperor-like epic melodies, twisted avantgarde guitar work and Finnish harshness.

It's an epic journey through the lizard brain to a myriad of dark uncharted territories, exploring different DISCIPLINEs of the mind and body.

This is Extreme metal art from Oulu, Finland, since 1997.


released March 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Wrathage Finland

A unique blend of epic melodies, Avantgarde guitar work and Finnish harshness.

This is Extreme metal art from Oulu, Finland, since 1997

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Track Name: Dark matter
Dark Matter

With me I hold
black space
like mad pride
and intoxicating

A source
in a void
that has to be
rather than not

And enforcing all
rather than nothing

The core seed
around which
I am gathered

From which I have derived
what soul and essentials —
Dark matter

The little I have
rendered obscure

A thickness I have found,
the vacuum
in everything

And sensed a presence
constant and compelling:
Black thriving space.

Timeless foam in a temporal ocean,
what might be in what is.

Dimensions of optional being,
render me less confused,
merging into one.

Absence equals everything,
that God
in unbeing.

Darkness, matter
my heart is built that way
darkness trying to hold the light
and speed

tog-ether against entropy
-the name of ether
all woven out of one
I have become
but unaware of the whole
of the self

and but sensing the Darkness,
Track Name: Born girt for war
Born girt for war

An infant carrying the weight of the new world
Carrying chaos and order
Until the future is gone

As an old man turns back to justify all those years fought, won and failed

The absence of truth haunts now, as through all the years fought,
Served under what now seems like higher chaos,
simpler, more fundamental

But the old one is cold
seeking only peaceful ways
to end his days

The old one is senile
looking at a pornographic horizon
like a two dimensional disc
spinning in front of his eyes

something that lost its meaning
and from which he’s now exiled

All the new ideals,
new wars to fight
are for the ones
born today,
born girt for war
like he had been

before he failed to assimilate
the worlds growing diversity
into his own culture

Now he nurtures monotony,

as if his growing confusion
meant that the world had gotten unhinged
and not him

Mektoub, his death written in him
and senescence has made him prey.
Track Name: Of the great chief
I was on the verge
but the moment passed
left sober like the animal
grinding sand with my teeth

Time stands with me
sitting down (as I become)
The Great Chief Fitting Skull

Distasteful, as if not in harmony
The Great Chief
with a fresh new head
for every thought
Holding you in dismay
and anticipatory gratitude
envious of the calm and the powers
knowing: he is of the seamless
and your flaws are like claws
that scrape you from inside
that scrape you from inside
-your precious hide you know
to ultimately end up stretched to dry
in his scorching light

as that possessor
of a rude winding smile
lets the wind under his wing
and doesn’t even seem to mind
being plucked bare

Senselessly handsome
in His own design
And by turning off the clock
you reckoned He had stopped time

but He merely listens
to the tick of His heart
as you slither
Track Name: Walking to death
Walking to death

Never content in the planet’s reality
for the constant menace
of a beautiful rat angel
lurks in your dreams

Oh you, with a scavengers appetite
with urges profusely scorned
you are forever hungry
and turning to dust

No, don't mind it
and the dust never finds you
but you will find the dust
between your teeth once sharp

You will be soaring with the wind
a mixture of a thousand climates

Do trust me to guide you
and I will lead you astray
you will loose my trail
as I did
and be drifting in the tides

And for now you have just surfaced
the third frozen skin
wipe it off your shoulders
like the dust that it is
before it melts
and soaks you dry
of what little you had left
as you are walking to death
Track Name: Unslaved
The Abstract

Land Ho!

Welcome me, present here
where from all others are exiled

On this land, a nation of absence
as shadows without their subjects

I claimed this land
and hurried to call it home
for never had I seen
darkness without stars
or a faint light

Through the vasts, aeons
of almost colourless emptiness
there were always stars
in the distance, a sheen,
or cosmic clouds
reflecting the light
and colour
of something
beyond reach

And then I remembered
an abstract
I saw and felt,
a black element,
toxins and imagination,
but the fear was real
and I had to escape
only to return,
to retrace my thought in vain
but fearing no more
like spellbound
in haunted search
of what I had seen
and created

but here, on my new land,
I saw like insects coil
elementals of profuse and perfect darkness
hovering in the light of day
these creatures as if of liquid black
on lanky spider legs

to and fro merrily
but at a pace and in such an odious a way
that though this land seemed as if
it had always been my home,
fear rose again

crawling from the soil
cold, up my stem
with chill and heavy shivers
like I was spineless but solid
and melting inwards

I cocooned,
a shrine to them
and let them dance,
wings and scales
sweep my form

black thirst
in the desert I,
dread and horror,
in spite me
they unmind me
and pour upon
me their venom

O' black sprites,
my prayer,
breach my walls,
my shell and emptiness,
do tear me out

if only I was like you,
and the void
of some strange
and beautiful matter,
like you

but no,
I am the land
and the emptiness
of space,
Track Name: Distortion
In a distorting spree of rage and rancour
I cast my delusions
in concrete and die-cast steel

And do pain me
for I've aspired

My fervour
a bliss
distorting more

Spite I
mad tragics
a triumphant glee

in a distrorted spree
of rage and rancour
I cast off all ye that burden me
stand fast and see compassions desert me

stand fast and see
this distorted spear
encircle you and cut you out

fierce storming
achieved and propagated
through communion
with that random static
commotion in the veins and spaces

hateful quantums efface you
Oh joyous distortion,
replace me.
Track Name: Reptilian
Can you but bend powerless
as the reptilian heed
to what they hold theirs
by divine right?

It’s the turbulence in their wake
that spun your head
so hard and left you dazed.

And yes it’s their blood
that flows in the arteries of the land
and fills its hollows.

Do stand in awe
and let them heed.
What more is there to do?
Track Name: Sadicum
Like a pig squeeling in the arms of the reaper
I am a whore of creation
Oh grand lord to whom I in secret yield
Descending from your lap still weeping
Sadicum, I’ve made me hard
Oh lord make me come
(Again and again)

Deceived I stand tortured in your kindness
A boar of the black fauna
With the lashes of your love
I bleed from behind

Pulsating in anger
Oh grand fornicator
Feel how hard I am

Oh lord, make me come
Again and again

Moulded a master pervert
Hidden in an open wound
Unceasingly bleeding
Tears of scorn, tears of scum
The rancour of my boredom
I’ve danced to your flute
Oh lord, now make me hard again.
Track Name: The crawlspace
Enclosed under the floor
but proud and erect
in the thick black

Hovering, the harsh voice
of the muffled
in you
like lead chained
to your pious float

You suffer the weight
of the crawlspace

surging to the surface
of a mere crust,
the thin layer
of bloated trust

Found on nothing but denial
of the space
that allows maggots through you,
like ravenous reptiles
rising to face you
on their feet
with all the immensity
of antipathy.
Rising, rising like the tide
with overkill emotions
hatred and sick fear
worming into you
breaching your cells
vacant of purpose

animating the machine
leaving you latent and dissolving

yield ye to animosity,
rampant in the spaces in between,
who hath not the will
to include the world surging free.